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Our History

i-Future Teens International Foundation Limited was founded in 2016 by prominent Hong Kong entrepreneur cum philanthropist, Ms. Kelly Li, Mr. Kelvin Wu, Ms. Alexandra Qian and Ms. Polly Chan. 


We were inspired by both IMC Weekend School, a Dutch-based United Nation winning motivation-directed children education charity program and IMC Sunday School (2009-2016).


Starting from 2016, we serve 54 Primary 5 under-resourced students and over 150 alumni (IMC Sunday School) in Kowloon and Kwai Tsing district.

In Septemeber, we recruited another 60 Primary 5 students to join our charitable program, i-Future Weekend School free of charge. 

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Our Vision

To provide developmental opportunities and exposures to children and youth from under-resourced neighborhoods in Hong Kong to inspire them to identify their own talents and dreams, and become self-confident, motivated, responsible, creative and happy global citizens.

Our Objectives

To help children and youth broaden their perspectives


To enhance children and youth’s self-confidence and motivations in learning including their interest in learning English


To help children and youth actualize their individuals’ potentials


To help children and youth establish a better sense of connectedness to the global community

Our Values

We believe all children, despite their financial backgrounds, are equally talented, unique and with unlimited potential to grow.

We strive to offer a safe, motivating, inspirational, fun, appreciative and international learning environment for children.


We have One Vision & “We” are One TEAM


All stakeholders including sponsors, board members, guest teachers, volunteers, parents, students, alumni, English teachers & program staff are members of “The i-Future Weekend School TEAM”.


“We”, as members of One TEAM, share the same vision, invest time together and proactively leverage knowledge, resources, network and ideas among one and other to achieve the vision of i-Future Teens.

Governance & Organizational Structure
Board of Directors
Organizational Structure

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International Affiliates

IMC Weekend School – The Netherlands

i-Future Weekend School was inspired by the model of IMC Weekend School. IMC Weekend School was established in the Netherlands in 1998 by psychologist Heleen Terwijn and is currently serving around 1100 students across 10 locations in the Netherlands with more than 1800 graduates. In 2009, IMC Weekend School was awarded winner at the Marketplace of Ideas of the United Nations, Alliance of Civilization.


Self Photos / Files - web   www.imcweekendschool.nl


Self Photos / Files - youtube   IMC Weekendschool

About us
2017-2019 (2nd Cohort)
Number of students
Grade at School
P. 5 (Year 1)
Serving Districts
Kowloon & Kwai Tsing
2016-2018 (1st Cohort)
Number of Students
Grade at School
P.6 (Year 2)
Serving Districts
Kowloon & Kwai Tsing
Volunteer (Start from 1st September 2016)
Number of Volunteers
Total number of volunteer attendance
599 (sessions)
Top 5 nationalities of volunteers
CanadaChinaUnited Kingdom(Great Britain)United States of America(USA)Singapore
HK Fact Sheets

Poverty in Hong Kong

Trend of Gini Coefficient

Hong Kong has the highest record of Gini coefficient which was 0.539 in 2016 and has been worsening for the last 45 years when it was around 0.430 in 1970s. For most developed countries, for example, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, their Gini coefficient figures were in the range of 0.3 to 0.4.

That means there is an even wider gap between the rich and poor people in Hong Kong. The situation is expected to get worsened in the future. 


Source: www.censtatd.gov.hk



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High percentage of children poverty in Hong Kong

According to the Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2015 by Commission on Poverty (2016), there were 180,000 children aged below 18, living under poverty line* (after recurrent cash intervention of the government) in which 18% of the youth and children are living in poverty (nearly every 1 out of 5 children).


Source: www.povertyrelief.gov.hk 


*Poverty line: 50% of the median monthly household income before policy intervention (i.e. before taxation and social welfare transfer)

Median monthly household income by districts vary significantly. According to the 2017 Hong Kong Census results, the average median monthly household income for Hong Kong in 1st quater of 2017 overall was HKD 26,200. The highest average median monthly household income was at HKD40,000 for Wan Chai district. For Sham Shui Po, Kwun Tong and Kwai Tsing districts, was at HKD 20,600, HKD 20,800 and HKD 21,200 respectively.  


Source: www.censatd.gov.hk

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Hong Kong being an International city

Non-Chinese population: Around 8% of 2016 population, i.e. there are 584,383 residents in Hong Kong who are from non-Chinese ethnic origins.

Source: www.bycensus2016.gov.hk


Tourism performance (2016): Around 13.9 million visitors, who came from all over the world excluding Mainland China, visited Hong Kong in 2016.


Source: www.tourism.gov.hk

Hong Kong is an international city which is frequently visited by many nationalities every year. Enhancing the ability of our next generation to interact with people from a diverse cultural background opens up many more opportunities for them in academic and career pursuits.

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In Summary


Given the context that Hong Kong is operating, i-Future Weekend School is envisioned to inspire children living in an under-resourced situation to live a different future by providing them with the developmental opportunities for broadened perspectives. Our mission is not only to enhance their self-confidence and motivation in learning English, and also build their social connectedness with the multicultural Hong Kong society.


We hope more people can join our team in working on better future for the next generation in Hong Kong.