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Hong Kong History and Cultural Heritage
Life skills training focus:




Through the discovery of the historical development of Hong Kong, students can understand more on their identity as a Hong Kong citizen and recognize their roles and responsibilities as a citizen.


Life skills training focus:


Decision-making skills


Business people need to make effective and efficient decisions in their work. Sharing of their work provides a real life example for the students on decision making. 

Living Science
Life skills training focus:


Problem-solving skills


In doing experiments, scientists need to face difficult situations and find out the solutions. Hence, students can learn from the professions on how to find out solutions for the problems. Through experience of tackling different situations, students' problem-solving skills will be enhanced. 

Life skills training focus:


Problem-solving skills


In aviation lesson, students have to think about different measures in tackling different situations in the work environment of flight attendants and pilot. 


Cookery and festivals
Life skills training focus:


Creative thinking skills


In cookery and festivals lesson, students can make use of their creative thinking in the cooking process and decoration of their food prepared.


Life skills training focus:


Critical thinking skills


Students can gain basic understanding towards journalism and know different positions available in the industry. They can practise interviewing skills and presentation skills throughout the lessons.

Life skills training focus:


Creative thinking skills


Students can gain a basic understanding towards design industry and material used for design including paint, fabrics and accessories. Through attending the design lessons, students’ imagination can be stimulated.

Life skills training focus:


Interpersonal relationship


In Athlete lesson, students know more about the work as an athlete. Besides, students have to complete cooperative exercises in order to experience the importance of teamwork in playing sports.