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Targeted Students
Children aged 10 to 14 (Primary 5 – Primary 6)

Student recruitment for the new cohort will start in April every year.  We will invite children who are:

   1. From low-income* family 

   2. Primary 5 student in Hong Kong

   3. Living or attending school in Kowloon or Kwai Tsing district

   4. Interest in learning English, and possess good motive of learning

*Participants of his/her family must be receiving one of the following subsidies/ meet one of the below criteria: 

  1. Recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA)

  2. School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme

  3. Monthly family income is lower than the 75% of the median monthly household income.

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Alumni Development Program

All i-Future Weekend School graduates will automatically become members of our Alumni development program. We continue inspire our alumni to pursue their dreams and inspire them into contributing members of the Hong Kong society through a series of advanced skills training workshops.


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Program Characteristics

i-Future Weekend School adopts a motivational-directed approach and integrated the concept of life skills* into the model. Learning in i-Future Weekend School is a collaborative process between different stakeholders and we emphasize on children’s individual strengths and personal motivation on learning. We will develop tailored goals and individual learning plan with each student, and motivate and accompany them to reach their goals.


*Life Skills Training

Life skills have been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

To fulfill our vision and objectives, i-Future Weekend School has focused on eight types of life skills from the core set suggested by the WHO (1995), including,


Self Photos / Files - Life skills

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Personal Development Program

50 lessons including 16 themes on career and personal development are designed for Primary 5 & 6 students over two-year period. All activities will be taught in English in an interactive and interesting way.


Our lesson structure: Self Photos / Files - program structure

Diversification on lesson topics


Self Photos / Files - Diversification on lesson topics



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Alumni Development Program

We believe the sign of success should be a continue journey to walk together with the children to pursue their dreams. We inspire them with a series of advanced skills training workshops per year after graduation. All programs are designed to cope with the developmental needs and interest of our alumni, including but not limited to,


Self Photos / Files - Alumni development program

Family Enhancement Program

We understand and believe in the important role of the family for the children’s growth and development. As such, we focus on enhancing parents’ parenting skills, strengthen parent-child relationships and work with the parents to strengthen children's different abilities. We organize different parent-child activities, including but not limited to, 



Self Photos / Files - Family program (Eng)

Research and Development

Refer to Statistics 

Longitudinal Research

We are looking for Research and Development partner. If you have experience in conducting social impact investment research or longitudinal research on children aged 9 to 18, and want to create a brighter future for our next generation, please contact us. 

Teaching Methods

We emphasize on children's individual strenghts and personal motivation on learning. Learning in i-Future Weekend School consist the following elements:



Motivation-Directed Approach



Collaborative Learning between different stakeholders




Eye-Opening Exposure



Self-Directed Experiential Learning

Passionate international volunteers, professional guest teachers, qualified English teachers, registered social workers and professional program staff are all working in one team to develop and inspire students, and to enable them to practise English speaking skills.

Upcoming Schedules

*Registration as a volunteer is only effective after the confirmation by email from i-Future Weekend School.

If you would like to be our volunteer or guest teacher, please register here.