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i-Future Weekend School relies on donation to continue this life changing program for the needy children in Hong Kong. If you would like to help us out, please donate to i-Future Teens International Foundation Limited by:

Direct Transfer

Bank account name: i-Future Teens International Foundation Limited
Bank account no.: 009-639-013828425 (China Construction Bank(Asia))

To inform us of the donation you made, please send us an email at .Please also provide us information about your:

• Legal name     • Correspondence address     • Contact number     • Email address     • Supporting documents of your donation


Please send us a crossed cheque:

Payable to: i-Future Teens International Foundation Limited

Postal address:

5/F, Pearl City, 22-36 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Please also provide us information about your:

• Legal name     • Correspondence address     • Contact number     • Email address

Online Donation

If you donate more than HK$1000 through on-line donation, we strongly encourage you to donate to us through direct deposit or cheque in order to reduce our operating cost.


Every dollar saved will help us a lot! Self Photos / Files - aeSelf Photos / Files - visaSelf Photos / Files - master

One-off donation
Recurring donation

If you have any enquiry about donation, please feel free to contact us.

Official receipts are available upon request for donations made HK$100 or above (Our IR file No. 91/12322). Therefore, we strongly encourage you to sign up as our supporters so we could send you the official receipts and other information about our program. If you have not registered as our donors yet, please sign up now.

Our Partners

We are also looking for corporates to be our partners. You can find our list of existing partners here.

Major Partners
School Partners
In-kind Partners

If you have any enquiry about partnering with i-Future Weekend School, please feel free to contact us.


Our Fund-raisers

Organise a company fundraising event for your workplace to help and support our next generation in need. Your company fundraising event could be in celebration of a company milestone or simply do something fun and exciting by giving your stakeholders an positive experience. You could also start your fundraising event by simply requesting a contribution from staff or customer in a communal lunch or corporate annual dinner.


Your advocate will definitely help to change the life of children in need in Hong Kong.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to run a company fundraising event for i-Future Weekend School.


i-Future Weekend School relies on passionate guest teachers and motivated volunteer group facilitators to become successful. Starting from September 2017, we will run 4 classes with 30 students each on 24 to 26 lessons a year. 

Volunteers as a Guest Teacher

Students at i-Future Weekend School are taught by professionals, who apart from having the knowledge and skills, are passionate about their jobs.

The roles of our guest teachers include:

  • Inspiring and motivating our students to consider if they may want to pursue the professions that they are in.
  • Preparing short presentations which usually include their personal growth stories, challenges they have encountered and a brief introduction of the job possibilities in their own fields.
  • Leading a 30 minutes game/exercise to inspire our students to think about possible skill sets that may be required in their profession.


Guest teachers that we are looking for (including but not limited to):

•Environmental Protection Specialist    •Journalist    •Astronomer    •Aviation Professionals    

•Historian    •Scientist    •Psychologist    •Athlete    •Health Professionals    •Lawyer    •Artist      

•Businessman    •Chef    •Magician    •Designer

Volunteers as a Group Facilitator

In order to enhance our students' confidence and motivation in learning English, we invite passionate international English speaking volunteers to join us on different Sundays. The multi-cultural volunteers can widen students’ horizons not just by speaking English with them but also by introducing their own cultures and experience to them.


The roles of our volunteers include:

  • Appreciate students’ individual potentials and talents
  • Provide personal attentions to every student
  • Be patient in working with students
  • Lead tasks in the lesson with the assigned group of students
  • Encourage students to participate  

If you are interested in becoming our volunteer, please sign up/ login now. For more information on the lesson topics, please refer to our schedule. 

Professional support

i-Future Weekend School needs professional assistance for reducing the operating cost in order to put more resources to the students.

We are looking for professionals specializing in (not limited to):

• Chinese-English translation

• Promotion and communication 

• Design and publishing

• Website design and maintenance 
• Data analysis and research


If you would consider dedicating your professional knowledge to our organization, you are welcome to sign up as our volunteers or contact us.

Network and Ideas

If you know someone who can help i-Future Weekend School in respect of contributing their knowledge (e.g. as guest teachers or group facilitators), resources (e.g. cash or in-kind donations), ideas (e.g. new ideas for our training topics or industries or fund-raising for us) and networks, you are strongly welcomed to contact us.